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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a guarantee that whether happens that trains that go to the end of the lines are increased and i ask as you consider transit related decisions in the southeast sector you don't sacrifice the trains that go to the end of the line >> thank you - actually since you presented. >> you've been patient i wanted to ask i submitted a letter for review be part of the record. >> yes. we'll make sure that happens. is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor cohen >> we have the letter it's not record i just confirmed that mr.
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bean. >> all right. supervisor kim and supervisor wiener do you have any questions for anyone i think what we can do is table this hearing as heard >> mr. reiskin did you want to say anything in response to the public comment. >> thank you mr. chair, i guess a few things to the later two comments i've mentioned supervisor cohen has made it clear with the concerns at the end of the line i want to emphasize with or without this loop the two cars will double the capacity of the two lines before it will be creating a significant service over the length of the t line with regard to a guarantee we did adapt a policy this year my board
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adapted a policy by which which we looked at the different neighborhoods to make sure they're getting muni service this looked at the bayview for example, relative to the system average and making scombrauchlts and capital improvements or service management accordingly so in effect this provides that guarantee. in terms of the balance of the comments they seem to understand the need for a turn around to question this location. i think to call this a rush decision would be completing a capital project 18 years after it's been approved i wouldn't call that rushing into anything. most of the basically assumptions hold today it was because of the anticipation of the growth that we're seeing today that much of the t third
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project was approved and started to be built all those many years ago. what we did i believe all the proper state and federal environmental work and got those approvals between 2012 and 2013. and we the continue as an agency outside of this project but under the agency of the transportation to look at all the investments only the waterfront including the 3 proposed big developments and make sure that the mitigations are in place or the developer commitments or agent ways to augment the system to make it work as part of the waterfront transportation assessment of i believe this project will provide benefit for all riders of the t line. and i think it is serving where the great bulk of the ridership is and will enable us to service
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more folks. i appreciate that folks have different ideas about the turn around locations with will be but we've addressed and responded to those concerns and are ready to move forward >> folks this is a hearing we're not going to be taking a vote but make a motion to file this to the call of the chair and thank you. the neighborhoods they're written and oral presentation i think that's important your voice continues to be heard in this process. so i'd like to make a motion to file this item to the call of the chair >> is there a continuance. >> to continue item 2 to the chovrl we'll take that without
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objection. that will be the order. >> thank you. madam clerk please call items three and four together. >> item 3 is an ordinance inspecting herpes as a landmark and the zoning controls for office and landmark buildings and pedestrian distribution repair and general district. >> okay supervisor cohen is the author of both items three and four. supervisor >> great. thank you very much. okay. colleagues so today, i want to thank you again your your patience you loud myself and the project manager additional time to work on it i articulated several concerns with the displacement of the tenants in the 2 henry adams and the loss of the pdr space and since our last hearing isle i've
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hapt to meet with one hundred tenants and residents with the henry adams areas i know that the project manager has reached to the folks i believe there is a significant mulch of confusion and the lack of clarity what's being proposed for this building i'm hopefully, this discussion will help to answer some questions and i want to hear from the individual that here today, i then ask we'll move to. so first, i think we should hear from our project sponsor. thank you. >> and just to be clear we've called the landmarking and the controls together and that's correct thank you. >> hello.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors shawn murray from bay west with martha thomas we've got two prospers on henry adams. glad to have an opportunity to talk about the process we've made since three years ago. i want to emphasize i personally with the bay west care about this we helped to create that we've been stewards of the industry and hope to continue for the interior designers for years to come we understand this is about the future of henry adams has not also been perfect but in the past three weeks we've tried to reach out to every tenant to henry adams and talk about our plans for the
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building, we've offered to locate a number of tenants into 101 henry adams and ask if they're interested in doing that. and for those tenants we've not been able to identify spaegs space in henry adams we've offering a passage including hiring the brokerage to support this to seek to leased other space in the neighborhood and committed to covering their relocation costs for relocating tenants from show place into the gallery. we've gone one step further to support the design district are going to fund two months of rent for residents in this district. happy to answer any and all
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questions to the progress since we've late met and great, thank you. well, maybe we can begin to talk about how many tenants are in the building and how many have you reached out to and there are one hundred and 27 tenants and i've attempted to reach out >> sometimes, i e-mails them it was a holiday week i couldn't reach everyone. there were 3 tenants that were not home so i didn't get to them i think we've given you a contact log you have a record of conversations and e-mails meetings >> so my notes show there are 19 lease extensions that were
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extended. >> month to month tenants we're extending yes, we're in conversation i've confirmed 16 of the 19. >> okay. >> for sure that are - >> and that's in the past roughly week since the initial hearing and the three weeks we've met with supervisor cohen specifically outlining exactly the plans for the relocation and kind of reach out and attach the attendance martha has made process in a week we've met with them a week unlawfully and we made a lot of traction you have uh-huh up to 16 of those tenants we'll be moving forward with the month to month leases. >> so how many if i'm not mistaken i think it was a one
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hundred and 71 businesses that are on a month to month lease. >> no there are hundreds and 17 leases and 19th street and 27 tenants and 50 tenants in the gallery building several tenants have several leases that's where you get the hundreds 17. >> so in the showcase square we've got 77 tenants and in the show place building but only 16 are confirmed so what have - >> now with w no, we of 77 tenants on a month to month leases some are on long leases extending to 2017. >> so how many are on long
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leases? >> okay in the shaw show place last year 77 tenants 42 tenants are on most to month leases for a variety of reasons. >> okay. so out of the 42, 19 have confirmed. >> 19 have expressed an interest i've confirmed 16 amendments had are being drafted. >> that's still a lot to be intiefrdz for the rest of the balance do you need more time. >> showing some of those people won't be reopened they're only paying expenses so people have expressed interests to stay on a month to month term. >> so this reduced rent schedule is this something that you suggested for the tenant or did the tenant come to you and
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ask for this. >> did tenant requested it, yes. >> those were all efforts we made after the recession during that recession to keep those tenants in place. >> have i looked at again, after the recession the tenants i've spoken to they said their businesses were coming back and their businesses were booming is there an interest in renegotiate. >> in terms of further vavnz we're sooepg tenant that are contracting so for example, a number of tenants that were able to extend leases to there will be some we'll not be able to but
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part to 0 pay and hire a broker so they can stay here he understand the vitality of the district. >> all right. mr. chair if you guys don't have questions we can go to public comment. >> the relocation passage can you describe that what you're offering to the tenants you're not proposing to henry adams what exactly are you going to be proposing to do for them. >> maybe we can talk about that and break it specifically apart. the passage essentially is how far u roughly $3 million of relocation costs for building out spaces for the tenants and relocating into the gallery our o those tenants we're not able
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to have in the gallery for a long term basis they have lease expenses that are being put in place or hiring and paying for a commercial real estate broker that's not supported by brokerage it, it's a small subset of yours we have engaging a broker to go out to the landlords and see did pdr spaces we'll pay for their relocation and moving expenses and pay for the commissions that's in addition to what we're offering two months of rent providing they stay in the neighborhood >> how realistic is that
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obviously you don't control other property owners in terms of they're willingness to lease in terms of the rents they'll charge and so on and so forth how confident are you they'll find other spaces. >> i'm confident we have spaces that vary from tenant to tenant some tenant are not paying rents only expenses so there's on a case by case basis the situations will vary but there's good quality space within here i'm convinced that the tenants that want to stay they will be allowed and others contracting or closing their businessess down. >> i personally have met with two of the building owners it
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their representatives are below $2 per rent space area we're comparable. >> do very know what's going on here. >> yes. yes. >> have they said anything about getting priorities tenants in terms of getting into their buildings? are they going to be 16 players here or something else >> it depended on the tenant like in a shopping center not every product or store fits their looking forward to having more tenants in their building but selective about it. >> why is there signature square footage available so close i know that the pdr zoning is a complicated thing why is
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this a desireable area why is it. >> this neighborhood is distinctly different there's pdr units that come up about the creation of now pdr space this is very specifically specific to show rooms and wholesale so there are many traditionally pdr makers bus that's a much more industrial fabric they're not housed here as martha was saying most of the rents are in the 2 and a half to 3 and a half dollar range this recession occupied with the age of the intersect has retracted this industry that's one of the reasons there's so much vacancy
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in the neighborhood martha has reached out and touched the neighbors we've met with those landlords on multiple occasions and there's good quality tenants that maybe dislocated as part of the project that should be able to find good homes in the adjacent properties we're using our o those relationships to make sure those tenants can find a home in their neighborhood. >> thank you so public comment. >> public comment yeah. >> great we're going to open open this up for public comment (calling names) sorry if i mispronounce that. >> i'd like to have a card.
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>> the cards are over there (calling names) mr. gallagher you can come on up. >> good afternoon. i'm jim gallagher i'm here representing many of the employees and designers that were at the meeting they were not available to be here. i'm here to ask the members of the committee to vote no on henry adams street this is a shining example of what pdr space should be it's 90 percent full of viable businesses i ask that the historical committee
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stop the rush to convert the pdr space throughout the city to the landmark loophole conversions were we're going under 17 percent in my major city mayor ed lee and you supervisor cohen recognized this to stressing the expansion and growth of the manufacturing and light sector unquote why would you consider giving up pdr space the pdr l were to provide assistance for people that needed financial saunsz it was showcased by the previous owners they collect $3 million a year from the current tenants this is 90 percent vacancy this is you
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can't what a pdr building should look like the pdr owners are looking to make a profit knowing it was a pdr building and converting it into office space we have to close this loophole please don't let this conversion happen thank you very much for your time >> (clapping) >> we have a board rule that we don't allow clapping boeing and cheering it disrecipients the hearing if you want to do a thumps up and down or jazz fingers or whatever so. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i live in the neighborhood right down the street from the showcase i'm a
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member of dog patch katrero hill association i work in the neighborhood and i really feel if we've been negatively portrayed the many media has misrepresented us there be great for your neighborhood. we've lost great educates e assets to other cities ii ask the board not to lose another one >> to the. >> next speaker. >> i'll call the last names (calling names) go ahead. >> i'm a tenant in 2 henry adams the designer center t is no the commercial resident the loss will effect the entire city it provides a diversity of blue
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and white collar jobs. it's an indicative network of jobs throughout san francisco the up holders and cabinet makers and metal workers they depend on the service and pdr jobs are so important they provide above average pay for ethnic backgrounds that don't necessarily have a college degree we need great job diversity this this city please vote no on the landmark decision as a burning we need our help thank you very much >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> thank you good afternoon, supervisors i'm rudy corpus i
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operator a violence prevention program that's been providing services all over the city for 20 years now. i'm here in support of pen trust to move forward this project i'm only going to speak prosecute i hear heart we have a program called silence to violence 250 kids come out to support us. i believe that their genuine about building their relationship with them we looking forward to building with them we look forward to our moving forward on this i think it's important that grandmothers organizations and tech organizations combine and start working together we've been working citizen will i and i look forward to worker with them
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>> how long has your relationship been with penitentiaries. >> about a month and a half. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm the president of the katrero biz i want to restate our position we sent a letter to the committee on july 14th we have sympathy to the pdr environment in the requests by two henry adams that said we even more are protective and sympathetic as a result we'll support in if they can guarantee another locations in the showcase area and to help provide the relocation expenses necessary to keep the businesses
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viable we don't believe that the permit uses should result in the reduction of pdr businesses in the area today. with respect to penitentiaries as a tenant we don't see that the benefit of the existing show place tenants of those use is enhanced by proximity of the interests whether penn tries is in that area or not it's an encroachments into the easier this creep is not able to be you think dunn we support of the diversity there the microscopes of the pdr spaces while there's not a loss of pdr if 2 henry adams is landmarked it might be become a tool to replace the
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pdrs and this is rhine in opposition as a salt we support the protection of the further e restoration of our stock of pdr in the city >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. . yeah, you can come up >> i'm sorry, i didn't realized you want us to - you the former mayor can come up. >> i'm not a candidate but have a history with this project when i was young assemblyman what i could stand in lines i helped henry adams and clara create them help have their provision of a historic center for this kind of work it's been fulfilled. what i sense is a commercial
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version of an ellis act you can't use the residential form so we're going to use a loophole to ellis act some 0 people how by simply saying there's an opportunity to put office space this has an artistic design name and bring in high tech workers they should be here but not at this site we're replacing people working in blue and white collar jobs that are distributed throughout the area as reholders and this is not a district issue but a city issue of a graphic icon that's threatened by another ellis act kill the bill
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and come back and fix it and maybe there's something to talk about but we shouldn't be using high tech ellis act techniques to get rid of jobs where they're making money and what we're seeing here is a multi billion dollars trust fund using a local manager to do their dirty work >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm roberta 0 i own a small tech company in katrero hill i transmissions into tech and oppose the henry adams this is not about landmark but to mislead this is a f